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The Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all struggles to fight racism, systemic oppression and brutality. Our fight for health justice for those affected by HIV is a fight against the systems of oppression that affect our communities.

As an AIDS Service Organization, we recognize that racial healthcare disparities are a form of violence. Black and Brown people have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering the greatest number of people becoming ill, being hospitalized, and dying due in part to the poverty, social and economic neglect driven by systemic racism. Black, Brown and Indigenous people continue to be disproportionally impacted by HIV/AIDS for these same reasons. We must do better.

We stand in solidarity with protesters, here in Alaska, across the country and around the world. It is social justice and rally cries of protest past that made visible the plight of those early HIV diagnoses. We honor those who protested in the streets to bring attention to the AIDS crisis and recognize that we would not be where we are today without their voices. We owe them many, many lives.

We stand with Freddie Gray, George Floyd, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Kendra James, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others who were killed unjustly.

The realities of injustice are not new and together we recognize and honor our responsibility to be true allies - to raise our voices, stand together in support, and bring direct and safe visible action and change.

The Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association