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The second part of the Four A's mission reads: "To work toward the elimination of HIV infection and its stigma in all Alaskan Communities." We are proud that the Four A's is the largest provider of HIV prevention and education services in the State of Alaska.

One of the most powerful tools we have to fight HIV/AIDS and its associated stigmas is education. In addition to helping people with HIV to live healthy and fulfilling lives, Four A's provides HIV education and prevention methods; tools everyone should know.


One of the service areas the Four A’s offers is HIV prevention and education in the elimination of the transmission of HIV and its stigma. HIV prevention is achieved through a multidisciplinary approach that includes HIV education presentations, rapid HIV testing, statewide condom distribution, the operation of a syringe exchange, and providing the HIV/AIDS Helpline. By utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to HIV prevention, Four A’s is able to offer programs that are culturally sensitive, reach various age groups and target high risk populations. Research shows that this approach has a direct impact on the number of new HIV cases annually.

Studies have shown that prevention programs cost a fraction of what care and treatment programs cost. It is much cheaper to prevent someone from contracting HIV than it is to care for that person after they have been diagnosed with the disease. Prevention is also important in protecting our communities; talking about issues such as safer sex, needle use, and stigma can be tough for many individuals and families but Four A's staff can help make such necessary conversations easier. Four A's prevention efforts are of critical importance to Alaska. We pave the way to create healthier individuals, families, and communities.