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Together, we are moving forward!

There were many calls to action in 2020 as many communities experienced (and are still experiencing) great need. In the midst of last year’s chaos, we can't thank you enough for supporting Four A’s. Your investment in HIV Care and Prevention Services allowed us to remain open and grow to meet the needs of our neighbors during this global pandemic.

Each and every year we rely on generous community members like you to help Four A’s continue supporting Alaskans living with HIV and accessing preventive health resources. By giving through Pick.Click.Give last year, you stepped up for our community. Again, we can not thank you enough.

If every individual who gave last year increased their Four’s Pick.Click.Give donation by $20, we could provide more Alaskans with HIV testing, sterile syringes, and access to quality HIV care.

Thank you for your continued dedication to supporting those living with HIV, protecting those at risk, and fighting the stigma in Alaska. We would not be here today without our community.

Robin Lutz
Executive Director

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